Barrister Babu Colors Tv Serial Start Date, Cast, Story and Wiki Details

Colors TV is ready to release its new upcoming drama “Barrister Babu” after the great success of other previous dramas like “Naagin 4”. This serial is going to be produced by Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Mittal. Shashi­ Sumeet productions have also produced other TV serials like “Mein Lakshmi Terre Aaangan ki”. After gaining huge success on other dramas on Colors Tv Barrister Babu is also expected to receive name and appreciation from the audience.

This drama is expected to be on aired in the upcoming month of February 2020. The story of this serial is about a little girl who gets married with adult man in very early age. The role of the boy is played by Pravisht. The boy seems to be a nice man and puts effort for the proper education of his wife and makes sure that his wife will become a barrister.

Many different talented co-stars will perform in this serial. Rohan Roy is added to this serial and he will play the role of Pallavi Mukhrjees father. Aura Badoni “Bondita” is a child artist and is going to start her debut in Barrister Babu Colors Tv Drama. She will play the lead role of a young girl. She was born on May 10 in Dehradun Uttrakhand. Actress Arina Dey will perform the lead role of a young girl’s mother. Arina Dey is shown bald in this serial. Pravisht Mishra is best known, Indian Television Actor. He had also performed in other serials like Suryaputra Karn, Mahabharrat. Chandan Anand has also performed in other drama serials like Bhaga Re Mann, Jhansi ki Raani is going to play a negative character of young girls father. Dev Aditya is also a well-known TV actor and had performed in other serials like “Dulha Banunga Shadi Karoonga” will lead the role opposite to Pallavi Mukharjee character.

The theme of the drama is based on the Bengali Background and most of the male actors are wearing “Dhoti Kurta” in this serial. Actor Rishi Khurana is now back and plays the role of Head of the family. In his interview, Rishi said that “ I am playing a larger than life character for the first time in my entire life. Rishi called his character the “typical saas of TV”.

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Barrister Babu

The young girl Bondita reveals the dark side of Today’s society and sick mentality of the people. She will reveal the fact that why males are superior to females. She will also claim that why girls are used to getting up early in the morning as compared to males and why parents think that their daughters are a burden on them. She seems to fight for the right of women by playing her role as a barrister.

Cast Names:

  • Barsha Chhaterjee
  • Pravisht Mishra
  • Pallavi Mukherjee
  • Dev Aditya
  • Madhushree Sharma
  • Arina Dey
  • Premchand Singh
  • Nimki Mukhiya

The serial will start in February 2020 on Colors Tv / Voot . Watch Barrister Babu All Episodes Online on Our Website

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